Reliability & Stability:

We live in a world where new and often conflicting information is constantly available from multiple sources. Therefore providing a consistent sounding board and voice of reason, over a long term relationship helps our clients tune out to much of the noise and focus on what’s really important to them, their business and their family.

Reassurance & Security:

Providing clarity and peace of mind to our clients, about the current financial situation, and what the future may hold. This enables them to progress through life with greater confidence and less stress around financial matters.

Responsiveness & Simplicity:

No matter how well we plan, life has a habit of throwing unexpected obstacles or opportunities at us. Therefore we recognise the need to be on hand and react quickly to these situations, and at the same time articulate the options and decisions our clients face in plain English, so that they can make informed choices.

An introduction to R&S Associates

“Established in 1985, our business journey has been both fulfilling and rewarding largely due to meeting a wide and eclectic mix of clients from very different walks of life.  Assisting clients to make sense of their particular financial predicaments and striving to bring resolution and solutions to their financial problems has been an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Here at R & S Associates we strive to help those just starting out in their careers or business as well as those enjoying the benefits of their labour in retirement as well as all stages of life in between.  It is this vast diversity and variety of financial planning that makes working at R & S Associates interesting, challenging and rewarding. 

No two days are ever the same, anticipating the challenges and goals our clients present to us keeps us striving to deliver the very best solutions to their financial needs and requirements.”


Vince Lane, FCII FPFS Chartered Financial Planner

Our vision and core values

At R & S Associates we appreciate that every individual has different requirements. We provide tailored financial planning advice.

Treat our customers fairly

We are delighted that we have a history of establishing long term relationships with our clients, that in some cases span years and decades. Central to this is our ethos for treating customers fairly.

Provide concise advice

We appreciate that the personal finance industry can be complex and marketing materials can be full of confusing jargon. We strive to provide concise, straight forward advice using plain English to enable our clients to make informed decisions about their finances.

Offer transparent fees

Before you engage us to work on your behalf we will provide you with full details of the services we provide, the costs associated with delivering those services, and the ways in which you can pay our fees.



The average number of decisions an adult makes in one day

R&S can help you make informed decisions about your finances



This number of Estates paid over £4bn in Inheritance Tax last year

R&S can help you keep more of your wealth for your family

Men & Women

12.3 million

12.3M men & women will reach state pension age by 2018

R&S can help with all your retirement plans and make sense of your options

Our Services

When it comes to personal finance matters we put the emphasis on the personal. We appreciate that everyone’s past present and future is unique to them, and therefore we do not try to categorise or fit similar people and situations into prescribed solutions, and instead deal with each individual with the care and respect they deserve. Relationship & Sincerity


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