R&S Associates Financial Planning Limited
a Chartered Financial Planning Firm based in London
Established since 1985

At R&S Associates, we have formed long lasting client relationships, so much so, we have gone on to advise second and third generations.

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We are independent financial advisers, which means our duty is solely to you – our client.

As part of our ‘Holistic Financial Planning Service’, we have also worked alongside our clients’ Accountants, Solicitors and other Professional Advisers to provide them with a truly connected and joined-up financial plan.

We have helped both individual Private Clients and Business Clients to meet their ‘Financial Aspirations’ recognising the importance of providing long-term and ongoing assistance, guidance and advice.

Together, we discuss what our Clients want to achieve now and for the rest of their lives, considering any concerns, priorities and objectives along the way. After which, we analyse their entire financial situation and forecast what it might look like in the future.

Once we have this information, we review any existing financial arrangements in relation to investment, pension and protection.

From life changes to taxation rule amendments, it is critical to keep our clients’ financial plans in line with their current life choices and objectives. Whether it be a change of job or the end of a marriage, our clients’ lives are continually changing and evolving. This can mean that the way they have been utilising their finances may also need to adapt.

We endeavour to help those just starting out in their Careers or Business, as well as those enjoying the benefits of their labour in Retirement and those at all stages of Life in between. It is this vast diversity and variety of financial planning that makes our work interesting, challenging and rewarding.

The most enjoyable part of our journey is working with our clients. No two days or clients are ever the same. Anticipating the challenges and goals our clients face keeps us striving to deliver the very best solutions.

The three main qualities we pride ourselves on are Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.

Vince Lane, Director
Chartered Financial Planner