Our Approach

Your life and finances are made up of many moving parts – we provide the strategy to help you make informed decisions to move forward.

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Our Approach

“Every relationship starts with a conversation.”

We appreciate that everyone is unique, so we adopt a tailored personal approach for all clients. This starts with taking the time to understand your needs, concerns and aspirations.

We then take you through our Financial Planning process to ensure that your finances are structured in such a way to give you the best possible chance of achieving the life you desire, whilst putting in place the appropriate safety nets to cater for life’s uncertainties.

Any initial consultation is always at our expense, as we feel it is important, we can ascertain how we can help and add value to your situation before we undertake any work on your behalf.

Working with your other professional advisers

As you go through life it is inevitably that you will have to engage the services of professional advisers, such as solicitors and accountants/tax advisers from time to time. We encourage a collaborative approach to working with your other advisers, to ensure that our advice compliments rather than conflicts with the legal or tax advice you receive elsewhere. We have long established working relationships with many subject experts, so where the need arises and when appropriate we can make an introduction to these advisers.

R&S Associates are Independent financial advisers (IFAs).

Being privately owned, and not having a large financial institution as a shareholder or being directly affiliated to a bank or insurance company, means that we only work for you, our clients, and are only paid by you, through agreed fees, therefore the advice you get is completely independent and not biased.  This is one of the main advantages of being directly authorised by the FCA means that you get truly impartial advice.

Where it is necessary to recommend a new financial product for you, we have a duty as an independent advice firm to recommend a suitable financial product from the whole of the market.

Being in a position where we are not conflicted and forced to try to fit square pegs in rounds holes, means that we are confident that our clients receive the best possible advice, and most suitable strategy and solutions for their individual needs.

We are a Chartered Financial Planning Firm, which means that we are committed to a customer first approach and values that align with a professional code of ethics. These include putting customers’ interests first, investing in ongoing development of our staff’s technical skills and knowledge, and supporting wider initiatives that benefit society as well as the growth of the profession.

This culture is developed throughout the business, through our various policies and procedures, staff training and development.  Examples being Treating Customers Fairly Policy, Vulnerable Client Policy and Dementia Training.

We consider three key commitments:

Respecting people

We aim to ensure that we always have a positive working environment. We value the people who work for us and are fully committed to their wellbeing both professionally and personally.

Promoting Sustainability

We endeavour to minimise the impact our business has on the environment both locally and globally.

Social Responsibility

We are proud of our charity contributions, regular support is given to Maggie at Barts Charity, Compassion UK, Stroke Association, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Charity and Breast Cancer Now Charity as these are all close the heart of the staff at R&S.